A writer is a writer and I’m a writer


I've lived on this Earth for 31 years and I don't know who I am. I am absolutely certain that I am a daughter of God but besides that it's kind of a blur. I've always lived in a fog and because I've been forced to put my headlights on these last few months I'm slowly starting to see things. I'm … [Read more...]

Another birth story


Baby Jonah has arrived!! Here is how that day went: "Daniel wakes up from a late nap cause he's been sick and without much thought I give him the heads up that I may be in early labor. He helps me pack the last of my things and takes my suitcase downstairs while I start to enjoy a bath. He comes … [Read more...]

Falling Snow = magic and love

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Last night it snowed here in NC. I looked out the window and saw those flakes - magic!. I feel like time stops for snow to fall, like peace and love and contentment takes over. I feel like falling snow is God's way of telling us that everything is okay. Of reminding us that things will work out, … [Read more...]