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At the beach with him

My birthday was on Saturday. It was the first birthday I've had to spend without my husband in the last eleven years. My birthday was always a big deal to him. He needed to ensure it was extra special … Continue Reading


An ocean filled with roses

Sometimes my emotions are so raw they feel like glass. I feel frozen. I feel like if I move I will surly get cut. If I look back and cry a shard will slice through my arm and cut off my hand. If I … Continue Reading


He screamed at me quietly

Last I posted, it was about the field. I wrote about the night I spend laying on my back in that memory-filled, grassy, high school soccer field. I wrote about the night when I needed help to rise and … Continue Reading


Through Another Person

It started out with a bad week. Everyone has them. A day where things go wrong and you have to struggle to breathe or not strangle your children, followed by another day with more problems and … Continue Reading

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