My dream wedding colors

I had a crappy wedding. It was pretty much on purpose as I had no money and my only care at the time was to wed my beloved. Nine years later now, every once in awhile, I dream about what my perfect wedding would look like. Today it involves sparkle, shine, glitter, sophistication and a touch of girly. Pretty much like the palette below.  Champagne and gold with coral colored flowers and of course a lot of navy so my Hubs won’t hate it.


What were/would be your dream wedding color palette?



  1. Annastasia Marchan says

    We’re getting married next year and this is our palette, I just googled the colours and your blog came up

  2. says

    Hi, I am getting married this coming spring and love the champagne, gold commitment, navy, coral floral color palate. Do you happen to have the CMYK or RGB codes for me to match exactly? Is this something you do?

    • Ashley says

      Hi Nicole, here are the HEX codes: Champagne = e5cea5 | Coral = ea878b | Gold = a07043 | Navy = 0e1d31. The champagne and gold are both gradients and their lightest colors are as follows: Champagne = f2e5d3 | Gold = c29361.

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