I got my hair did y’all

Less than a month till baby comes!! I’ve done several things this week to get prepared like seeing my obgyn, getting my teeth cleaned and thinking about packing my hospital bag, but my favorite thing was what I did with my hair. I colored it RED and chopped it off.

It was three different colors. It had gotten long.


My last hair cut was very asymmetrical and instead of growing out all cute like, it just looked lopsided in a bad way. Since I was feeling so awful for the first six months I just let it be – I never left the house so no one but Hubs and baby had to see it (and they love me anyways). Then once I started feeling better I told myself the newborn pictures where just around the corner and I should wait and spend the money then instead.  So that’s what I did. I waited. And it made the change that much sweeter!

p.s. If you look closely you can see how badly chapped my lips are. A fun unexpected pregnancy symptom I got both times.


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