Happy one month birthday buddy!


Jonah turned one month old yesterday!! This calm, strong, determined little boy entered this world with drama surrounding him and tragedy to soon follow. Since the day he was born he was perfect. Perfect as a person and perfect for us. It’s amazing how God’s plan plays out. God knew he had to take my husband away so he gave me another child. A perfect little boy. Another little warm body to love and cherish and protect.

My little buddy has been a huge comfort to all of us with the passing of his daddy. It was neat to simultaneously see the end of one life and the start of another. I believe it made us all think more clearly about the big picture and kept the resentment and anger away. Those few days when so many family and friends where here for the funeral, my little boy got passed around from one person to another the entire time. I barely even saw him during the day. He was loved on and kissed on and enjoyed more than any baby I’ve ever seen. He was a true celebrity; in high demand. He gave us a reason to smile and hope for the future. He joined us all together.

He is still holding us together. Especially me. Whenever I start to feel like I’m falling apart I just hold him extra tight. I rock him when I’m alone in the dark in my room and I let the tears fall. He hasn’t once complained about getting wet. He is just perfect. When I was pregnant and found out we where having a boy I wasn’t too thrilled but now I’m extremely grateful. It’s so nice to still have a man in the house.

He has grown out of his newborn stupor of being asleep all the time and I love to see his eyes. His funny little expressions. He chill ‘everything is going to be alright’ attitude. Unless he is hungry or gassy he hardly ever cries. He can pretty much hold his head up now, for minutes at a time. He doesn’t mind tummy time. He likes to be held but he’s usually okay on the floor or in his seat or in his bed.

Unlike his sister, he’s got light skin and features. He looks a lot like me when I was an infant, though some people are saying that he’s starting to look like Daniel a little – I hope so! But if he doesn’t look like him on the outside I at least know he will be similar on the inside. Daniel had a way with people, a way of making them feel important and loved and included. Jonah is the same way. He is adorable and small and new, but regardless I think people are just drawn to him. As he gets older I’m excited to see what other qualities he has picked up from his daddy.

I love you buddy, happy one month birthday! Thank you for being mine.



  1. Celeste Cox says

    Happy one month Jonah!!! This made me tear up a little. But it also bright me a huge smile! I love and miss that little guy. I’m so glad he’s in our lives and that he is the perfect cuddle buddy for you. :)

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