Baby’s first hair cut

My sweet baby has been unusually fussy all week. But this afternoon she had a moment after eating and napping that she was her happy self again. Being the wise mother that I sometimes am, I decided to snatch the moment up and do something that was long overdo. My baby, a week away from being five months old, desperately needed her first hair cut.

baby girl's first haircut | pink purple blue green |

I stripped her, strapped her in her bumbo type seat, gave her a favorite toy and started snipping. She did great; she didn’t fuss at all, only squirmed around a little bit. I then gave her a bath, rinsed her off under the facet and she was good to go. I think it turned out okay. The back looks great (no more baby mullet!) but I could have done a bit better in the front. It took me about an hour to get over the “she looks like a boy!” thoughts but she is still cute and it will grow back. It does look thicker, less patchy and healthier.

And yes, I kept some of the trimmings for a keepsake.


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