Hello there! My name is Ashley, I’m SO HAPPY that you are here. If you like color you are in luck. If not, well, as long as you like me you should be fine. Maybe close one eye as you read each post and try not to look at the pictures.


I’m a child of God. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife to my amazing husband who is in heaven doing amazing things and a mother to two adorable children. I own and run an online web and graphic design business to support my family. It’s called DreamUp Studios, please check it out sometime at http://dreamupstudios.com. Every single order I receive makes such a difference.


I’m obsessed with color (hence this blog!) and all things winter. I enjoy decorating my home and eating cookie butter straight out of the jar. I’m a dork, usually a clumsy one. I have this secret desire to own and be able to pull off a nice pair of hipster glasses. From very young to well into my teens, I would sit for hours and play with a stack of blank paper and my large collection of colored pens all of which had names (yes I named them, I’m cool like that). This blog is my “grown-up” blank paper. It’s also my journal and my therapy.

Welcome to my colorful world!