Your husband has died


I like to write. It’s therapeutic for me. I haven’t been doing it much lately because my life was awesome. It was pretty much perfect. I didn’t need any therapy. I was happy. Super happy. No major issues, no complaints. Just pure bliss and only tiny everyday problems (though pregnancy symptoms did suck!).

That has changed. Last Tuesday night as I looked into the eyes of some random doctor my life changed forever. “Your husband has died.” he said. Those four words. No one should ever have to hear those four words. Those four words have opened the flood gates of my eyes – and my words.

I’ve been suffocating my friends and family on facebook with detail after detail. With feelings good and bad. I am so blessed to have them all. I am so blessed that they read my words and respond in the best way they know how. Their prayers, sweet comments and selfless services have kept me going.

Facebook is wonderful. But sometimes, especially now, more words are needed to be shared than facebook can possibly hold. So here I am. This is my story. This sunshine and bubblegum blog is about to get more real. Really, really real. Hang on to your hats.



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