Yahtzee and Dinner

Our sweet Madie is growing, growing. I’m on week 25 now. I love feeling her move and imaging what she will look like. I’m still sick in the morning, but it usually goes away. I even have some energy from time to time. I still watch way too much TV and I have tons of laundry waiting to be washed.

Last week Hubs and I went to the beach. It was pretty much our babymoon, even though it was a bit early. It was probably the last vacation we take without our little girl. So surreal. We had a great time though.

Of course the ocean was amazing, breathtakingly beautiful. We just took it easy and did what we felt like. The resort we stayed at was great as it had lots of food and activities. We went to the beach at least twice a day, the pool too. We ate a lot (there was some really great food there – at the resort and outside it) and played some games. I had many moments where I didn’t feel good but I never threw up which was amazing considering I was up all night doing just that 8 hours before we left home.

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On one of my favorite nights we went to a restaurant and discovered that they had Yahtzee for people to play while they were waiting to get their food. It was so unexpected and fun. Yep, it’s little things like that that get me excited. I’m pretty much a dork.


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