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    we are watching as much as we can. The figure skating events are my favourites, and hubby really enjoys the skiing/snowboard events. We are Canadian, and super happy that we have 5 medals so far!

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    We haven’t been watching them here, although they did have them turned on for a while at youth group yesterday. (I love that picture of you blowing a huge bubble by the way!)

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    Stopping by from The SITS Girls to leave some comment love! :) Unfortunately, I don’t have cable, so I am missing all of the Olympic action this year. Great color combos, though!

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    Love the color inspiration! I watched one of the figure-skating competitions yesterday just because my husband had it on, but otherwise I never seem to watch the Olympics for some reason.

    • Ashley says

      Thank you so much!! The snowboarding was great, I especially liked the women’s. They all seemed so nice and positive.

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    Your blog is too adorable! I love how you incorporate the colors of your posts! I actually did stay in this last Friday to watch the Olympic opening! I just love the Olympics, it is so awesome to see everyone come together and compete

    • Ashley says

      Wow, you are so sweet – thanks for the complement! I love everyone coming together too, the magic of the Olympics.

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    I’ve watched a few events but not much. I’m not much of a fan of winter at all so winter sports don’t really appeal to me. Bring on the summer games! (And summer)

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    My friends and family know that when the Olympics are on… Don’t even come near me or try to make plans with me. I get soooo psychotically obsessive over the Olympics! I think it may be because I am not athletically inclined at all, that I try to live vicariously through the amazing Olympic athletes LOL.

    • Ashley says

      I’m kinda the same way! I like watching things that are totally not something I would ever do. Like Castle and Grey Anatomy. I have no interest in ever being a cop or doctor but I like to watch other people do it. :)

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    Yes! I’m loving it! I’m not at all a sports fan, but the Olympics is such a different thing to me. My daughter is two so she doesn’t understand yet, but some day I plan to make a big deal of it for her with themed meals, crafts, and projects. So really the next winter Olympics will be so fun for me!

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    I am actually watching the Pairs Short Program as I am typing this. My 5 year old hadn’t been that interested in it so far so I am sneaking in events when I can.

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