Where did the week go?

Seriously. This week has gone by so fast!

I have something big and exciting planned for next week so I thought for sure this week would go by slow from mere anticipation, but it’s been the opposite. Fast. Very fast. So fast in fact, that I missed blogging the last few days. I’ve been busy preparing for next week, working, and picking out a hair style. I’m getting to get my hair chopped off tomorrow.

color palette | Lego Mail Trucks | yellow, blue, red | colorfulcravings.com

Photographer: Bill Ward

It’s amazing how missing just two days of blogging can cancel your grove. I feel like I’m having all sorts of trouble putting these words in order and pulling them from my head. I don’t even have a color scheme to go with it…. oh wait, there is the mail truck zooming past as I glance out my office window. Yeah I’ll use that. It kinda relates.

How has your week been so far? As fast as mine?



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