The swamp princess, part 3

She waited till dark when everyone was asleep and then she ran. Hannah ran fast and she ran far. Running is quite an accomplishment for a frog but she was that determined to get away. Away from everyone, away from everything. She felt as if her whole life was a sham. Okay, not her whole life. But the last year. The time since she first started turning her surroundings a different color.

When she and everyone else discovered her gift the happiness of her pond instantly went up. After a few weeks she decided that she wanted to make other ponds happy too.

That’s why all the jumping. That’s why she went from pond to pond. But she had gained such a following that instead of cheering up the deary ponds for a time and then moving on, she invaded those ponds, caused havoc, and gained followers. That was never her intention; she had to stop it.

color palette | swamp princess 3 | pink, green, blue |

Farther and farther she ran. Days and nights and nights and days. She finally looked back, to make sure no one had followed her. To her delight no one was there. She was alone. She nestled down to rest. As her eyes closed it hit her. The colors. They were all gone. Everything was dull and normal again. Tears fell from her eyes as she drifted off to sleep.




  1. says

    I live in the swamp and I wish it was beautiful as your swamp color palettes. We have at least two alligators in our backyard. It makes it exciting when the kids are outside playing.

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