A forest made me excited for AZ


Because my husband is no longer here to pay our rather high mortgage bill and give me and the kids the emotional support we need, I've decided to move back home. Back to Arizona, the state I was born and raised in. The state in which most of my family still resides. I found a house right around … [Read more...]

Never smile at a crocodile

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"Never smile at a crocodile". These lyrics have been in my head for days. I seriously can not get them out. But it's a fun catchy song so I'm okay with that. They first got in there because of a movie. Not Peter Pan, but rather You've Got Mail. I was watching it with my husband before bed. We … [Read more...]

First Post – head, heart and hands


Every time I start a new blog I feel like I'm obligated to write a "first post". Do you feel that way too? Maybe it's just me. Regardless, it's something that if I don't do, I will drive myself crazy with regret and emptiness. I will feel like I've done it wrong, like I haven't fully embraced the … [Read more...]