Eight months and excited!


Hey guys!! As I write this I am eight months pregnant with my second kid. This one is a boy and although it took some time for me to warm up to that fact I am beyond excited now! I'm excited for this little bundle of joy and sunshine to get out of my belly and join our family. So many adventures … [Read more...]

My dream wedding colors


I had a crappy wedding. It was pretty much on purpose as I had no money and my only care at the time was to wed my beloved. Nine years later now, every once in awhile, I dream about what my perfect wedding would look like. Today it involves sparkle, shine, glitter, sophistication and a touch of … [Read more...]

How do I get a job creating paint colors?


I get a lot of spam comments on this blog and thus I find myself ignoring the real ones as well. I'm so sorry!! I've finally replied to all the ones that seemed legit, sorry it took so long! One of the recurring questions I've been getting is, "where can I buy these colors?" The simple answer is … [Read more...]

Where did the week go?

color palette | Moto X Phone | turquoise, pink, green, yellow | colorfulcravings.com

Seriously. This week has gone by so fast! I have something big and exciting planned for next week so I thought for sure this week would go by slow from mere anticipation, but it's been the opposite. Fast. Very fast. So fast in fact, that I missed blogging the last few days. I've been busy … [Read more...]

Let’s be BBB’s


Last week I signed up for this thing called the "Comment Love Challenge" via The SITS girls and today I've received over a dozen comments so far. SO FUN!! Thanks to everyone who has left a comment and for future ones as well. I'm loving all this love. I'm going to reply to each comment and then … [Read more...]

New color scheme for DreamUp Studios


Last night I was bored and still in a funk. I didn't know what to do with myself so I 'worked'. I played around with my website design (for DreamUp Studios, my graphic and web design business), just for fun. I did a couple things that were awful and then I did something that I liked. I liked it a … [Read more...]

Do You Wanna Build A snowman?


Thanks to all the pretty snow outside, and Disney's Frozen, I really want to build a snowman. But alas, our snow is too powdery and dosn't stick together. I'll have to make due with looking at pictures like the one featured above. Isn't he so cute?! … [Read more...]

First Post – head, heart and hands


Every time I start a new blog I feel like I'm obligated to write a "first post". Do you feel that way too? Maybe it's just me. Regardless, it's something that if I don't do, I will drive myself crazy with regret and emptiness. I will feel like I've done it wrong, like I haven't fully embraced the … [Read more...]