A brown couch and a wedding


I remember laying face down on the edge of the brown couch. My two month old son and twenty month old daughter were both finally asleep safely in their beds and I collapsed in tears. I was alone. I was in pain. My heart was shattered. My whole body ached. I missed Dan but, for the first time since … [Read more...]

At the beach with him


My birthday was on Saturday. It was the first birthday I've had to spend without my husband in the last eleven years. My birthday was always a big deal to him. He needed to ensure it was extra special for me and it always was. We did shopping sprees and amusement parks - but my favorite, and what we … [Read more...]

I just want to stay up


My emotions and mind go a thousand miles an hour. There is always something to think about. My to-do list is slowly getting smaller but there is still always something to be done. I have a newborn and a toddler. There is always a baby to care for. All these things exhaust me. But sometimes... I … [Read more...]

The day I buried my husband


I woke up on Saturday morning. Mornings are the hardest. It hits me all over again before I even open my tear stained emerald eyes. When my feet hit the floor my husband won't be there. He won't be sleeping in our warm bed. He won't be tending to one of our small children. He won't be in the … [Read more...]

Your husband has died


I like to write. It's therapeutic for me. I haven't been doing it much lately because my life was awesome. It was pretty much perfect. I didn't need any therapy. I was happy. Super happy. No major issues, no complaints. Just pure bliss and only tiny everyday problems (though pregnancy symptoms did … [Read more...]

Eight months and excited!


Hey guys!! As I write this I am eight months pregnant with my second kid. This one is a boy and although it took some time for me to warm up to that fact I am beyond excited now! I'm excited for this little bundle of joy and sunshine to get out of my belly and join our family. So many adventures … [Read more...]

Two under two, here we come!


Anyone notice that large gap between my last post and the one before it? It wasn't because I was lazy, though I am. It wasn't because my life is boring, though it is. The reason for the long pause starts with a "P". PREGNANT! I am pregnant with Baby #2. We found out just before Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Sea/travel inspired


The master bedroom in our house has had an identity crisis. I went through three different designs, painted the walls four different times. Finally we have a winner and I am quite pleased. I do believe it will stay as it for all of time now. I really love how it turned out. It feels right. And most … [Read more...]

I’m back and I brought a baby

color palette | baby, greys | colorfulcravings.com

This spring, Hubs and I drove from NC to AZ and then back again. My family lives in AZ. Hubs hasn't been there since he proposed over 7 years ago and I wanted him to know my family, to spend time with them and to meet them all. So when he got a new job that allowed him to work remotely, we planed a … [Read more...]

Falling Snow = magic and love

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Last night it snowed here in NC. I looked out the window and saw those flakes - magic!. I feel like time stops for snow to fall, like peace and love and contentment takes over. I feel like falling snow is God's way of telling us that everything is okay. Of reminding us that things will work out, … [Read more...]