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What would you think if I told you that tomorrow you were going to wake up and be responsible for two teenagers and two toddlers, all at the same time, all under the same roof? Nuts? Perhaps that would have been my response too, until I lived it. Combing Anthony's children with mine has been one of … [Read more...]

The last place I sat


Today while my kids where being oohed and aahed over at someone else's house I got out and ran errands because running errands is a lot easier sans kids. On my way back home I got stuck in traffic. I could see it, stuck there in traffic. I could see the sign. I could see the building. It was … [Read more...]

I got my hair did y’all


Less than a month till baby comes!! I've done several things this week to get prepared like seeing my obgyn, getting my teeth cleaned and thinking about packing my hospital bag, but my favorite thing was what I did with my hair. I colored it RED and chopped it off. It was three different colors. … [Read more...]

Eight months and excited!


Hey guys!! As I write this I am eight months pregnant with my second kid. This one is a boy and although it took some time for me to warm up to that fact I am beyond excited now! I'm excited for this little bundle of joy and sunshine to get out of my belly and join our family. So many adventures … [Read more...]

Two under two, here we come!


Anyone notice that large gap between my last post and the one before it? It wasn't because I was lazy, though I am. It wasn't because my life is boring, though it is. The reason for the long pause starts with a "P". PREGNANT! I am pregnant with Baby #2. We found out just before Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

How do I get a job creating paint colors?


I get a lot of spam comments on this blog and thus I find myself ignoring the real ones as well. I'm so sorry!! I've finally replied to all the ones that seemed legit, sorry it took so long! One of the recurring questions I've been getting is, "where can I buy these colors?" The simple answer is … [Read more...]

Six moths old today


Madeline, my dear sweet baby girl. If only my heart could form words instead of my mind, this would come out more accurately and articulate. That is, if the words my heart could speak weren't above all those in existence, which they probably are. You, my miracle, fill the world with such light and … [Read more...]

Madie’s Nursery


Hipster fox. That's the theme I choose for Madeline's nursery. I also wanted it to be girly so I added pink and a pretty green and blue. I think it came together beautifully. It looks better in person than in my crappy photos but here is a peak. I'm 31 weeks along now. I'm feeling pretty … [Read more...]

Buying Baby Girl Clothes

color palette | green, pink, purple |

Hubs and I got married 7 1/2 years ago. We knew we wanted kids; I wanted 6 kids and he wanted 4. We wanted some of each gender. We shopped in advance, mostly for girl clothes cause they are the cutest. Turns out we shopped WAY in advance. A couple years ago I thought all those baby girl clothes … [Read more...]

New color scheme for DreamUp Studios


Last night I was bored and still in a funk. I didn't know what to do with myself so I 'worked'. I played around with my website design (for DreamUp Studios, my graphic and web design business), just for fun. I did a couple things that were awful and then I did something that I liked. I liked it a … [Read more...]