Are dragons eternal too?


Daniel, my eternal, I love you an immeasurable amount. It's been three months to the day since we last touched. There are still moments when I crave you deeply. I feel like a dragon coveting gold with this dark and fierce desire. Your forehead, your arms, your hands, your lips, every single part of … [Read more...]

A forest made me excited for AZ


Because my husband is no longer here to pay our rather high mortgage bill and give me and the kids the emotional support we need, I've decided to move back home. Back to Arizona, the state I was born and raised in. The state in which most of my family still resides. I found a house right around … [Read more...]

The last place I sat


Today while my kids where being oohed and aahed over at someone else's house I got out and ran errands because running errands is a lot easier sans kids. On my way back home I got stuck in traffic. I could see it, stuck there in traffic. I could see the sign. I could see the building. It was … [Read more...]

Two under two, here we come!


Anyone notice that large gap between my last post and the one before it? It wasn't because I was lazy, though I am. It wasn't because my life is boring, though it is. The reason for the long pause starts with a "P". PREGNANT! I am pregnant with Baby #2. We found out just before Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Love surpasses time


Eight months old and I still can't stop kissing your perfect little face. My heart is full every time I look at you sweet girl. Even when you are getting into things or crying or screaming milk. Madie, you are an expert crawler. You crawl all over the house at the speed of lightning. You gave me … [Read more...]

Yahtzee and Dinner


Our sweet Madie is growing, growing. I'm on week 25 now. I love feeling her move and imaging what she will look like. I'm still sick in the morning, but it usually goes away. I even have some energy from time to time. I still watch way too much TV and I have tons of laundry waiting to be washed. … [Read more...]

Southwestern Ground Beef

color palette | southwestern beef | yellow, brown, orange, red |

I'm not a very good cook or recipe follower, but I do like preparing meals for my husband so we don't have to go out all the time. My favorite meals are the quick and easy ones. I made this beef concoction up last month and have been making it almost every week since. Hubs isn't too good at eating … [Read more...]

Never smile at a crocodile

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"Never smile at a crocodile". These lyrics have been in my head for days. I seriously can not get them out. But it's a fun catchy song so I'm okay with that. They first got in there because of a movie. Not Peter Pan, but rather You've Got Mail. I was watching it with my husband before bed. We … [Read more...]