Eight months and excited!


Hey guys!! As I write this I am eight months pregnant with my second kid. This one is a boy and although it took some time for me to warm up to that fact I am beyond excited now! I'm excited for this little bundle of joy and sunshine to get out of my belly and join our family. So many adventures … [Read more...]

Two under two, here we come!


Anyone notice that large gap between my last post and the one before it? It wasn't because I was lazy, though I am. It wasn't because my life is boring, though it is. The reason for the long pause starts with a "P". PREGNANT! I am pregnant with Baby #2. We found out just before Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Love surpasses time


Eight months old and I still can't stop kissing your perfect little face. My heart is full every time I look at you sweet girl. Even when you are getting into things or crying or screaming milk. Madie, you are an expert crawler. You crawl all over the house at the speed of lightning. You gave me … [Read more...]

Six moths old today


Madeline, my dear sweet baby girl. If only my heart could form words instead of my mind, this would come out more accurately and articulate. That is, if the words my heart could speak weren't above all those in existence, which they probably are. You, my miracle, fill the world with such light and … [Read more...]

Baby’s first hair cut

baby girl's first haircut | pink purple blue green | colorfulcravings.com

My sweet baby has been unusually fussy all week. But this afternoon she had a moment after eating and napping that she was her happy self again. Being the wise mother that I sometimes am, I decided to snatch the moment up and do something that was long overdo. My baby, a week away from being five … [Read more...]

Totally Worth It


Sometimes I can't help but hug her as tight as possible as tears fall down my checks and I say another sincere prayer of gratitude. Every crappy moment I had to go through those 7 years of TTC followed by those 6 solid months of vomiting can't even begin to compare to the joy and light this … [Read more...]

Baby Girl Nursery Take Two


Now that my daughter is here (she is 8 weeks old - that's so crazy!) and her personality is starting to shine through, I made some updates to her nursery to better reflect her. It also give me something pretty to look at those many house I spend in there nursing her. The artwork was the final … [Read more...]

Top six of six


It's been six weeks since Madeline joined us! My, how the time has flown by. Every single day has been magical but a few moments have shone a little brighter than others. Here are six of them in chronological order. 1. Seeing her for the first time Just minutes after she was born the nurse … [Read more...]

Birth + the first 2 weeks with baby


WARNING: Skip this post if you are a guy, or squeamish or just not interested in the reality of birth, babies or super long posts. I've recently learned a few things from giving birth to my first baby and surviving the first few weeks. I thought I would share, just in case there are any first … [Read more...]

She’s arrived!


A few days after Christmas our sweet girl decided to enter the world, 10 days before her due date. My first contractions started at 4am on Friday. By 8pm they were consistently 6 seconds apart but weak. By 1am the next morning they were not weak, at all, and were only 2 minutes apart. Hubs took … [Read more...]