Story time, it begins again

It’s been five days since I’ve started this blog; this is my fifth post. I think it’s going okay. It’s been super random at times, but that’s kinda the point. I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts and memories as they pop into my head. It’s inspired me.

I think I want to start writing short stories again. I used to write in middle school. I had a notebook and I would fill it with stories, long and short, all day long. It was fun! I stoped cause I ran out of ideas and I realized I have no talent. But why should those be reasons to stop doing something you enjoy? They shouldn’t!

color palette | story time | yellow, red, purple, blue |

I’ve decided, yes, I’m going to start writing again. I’ll keep writing the real things but I’ll add fake things too. It could be like story time in the library for kids. I’ll just make up some words to match color palettes. Would that be okay? Great! So if I bust out a story you’ll know what’s going on. It’s just me, being me and getting real despite what anyone might think.



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