Six moths old today

Madeline, my dear sweet baby girl. If only my heart could form words instead of my mind, this would come out more accurately and articulate. That is, if the words my heart could speak weren’t above all those in existence, which they probably are. You, my miracle, fill the world with such light and joy that I can hardly see when thinking about it due to all the happy tears in my eyes. Your near existence has brought hope to many a heart in need. Your smiles are contagious. Your laughter could melt an iceberg. Your perfect little face and soft feet are the topic of many a conversation. Your nose, and lips and eyes. Your chubby thighs. Your cute caboose. Your tiny fingers and toes. Your hair. Oh your hair. Every single stand of hair on your head. You are loved. Entirely and completely and forever.

Today you turned 6 months old. You still look like your daddy but completely adorable. You can sit up all by yourself now and hold your bottle (when you want to). You aren’t a big fan of solid food yet but you are trying; you’ve eaten oatmeal cereal, asparagus and peas. You are pretty happy and chill most of the time. You take after your momma in that area I do believe. You get cranky and scream really loud when hungry (also like your momma I’m afraid, sorry!). You are ticklish on your tummy. You put everything you can get your hands on into your mouth, your fingers being your favorite. You’ll take a pacifier but aren’t married to it. You love your bunny and your teething rattle. You prefer to be on your tummy, planking away with your wiggly arms and legs up in the air.

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You don’t recognize your name yet but your daddy and I call you Madie. Sweetheart, baby, babe, Madie girl, babycakes and Gus are also thrown your way occasionally (what the fuss Gus). You smile when you see us. Boy does that fill my heart up over the brim. Every night after your bottle I place you in your crib and you look up at me with the widest smile your little mouth can muster up. I melt every.single.time.

Happy six-months. I hope they’ve been good to you so far. I know they have been good to me.


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