Sea/travel inspired

The master bedroom in our house has had an identity crisis. I went through three different designs, painted the walls four different times. Finally we have a winner and I am quite pleased. I do believe it will stay as it for all of time now. I really love how it turned out. It feels right. And most importantly, my husband loves it too! He actually picked out the teal color.

master bedroom | sea inspired | red blue teal cream gray |

The bright teal has a very vibrant mood lifting effect. The red makes me feel at home. Red, especially that shade, always gives me a nostalgic feeling ( not sure why – my house growing up wasn’t painted red or anything). The neutrals bring it back to earth for me. Since the neutrals are dominate the whole room feels calm and clean (even when it’s not).

Notice the inside of the bedside lamp shades? They are red plaid. I found them at Target and I LOVE them. Seriously, I’m kind of obsessed. I turn those lamps on often just to see the neat effect. They are pretty much my favorite pieces in the room. Not counting the bed – I need that too sleep.



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