New color scheme for DreamUp Studios

Last night I was bored and still in a funk. I didn’t know what to do with myself so I ‘worked’. I played around with my website design (for DreamUp Studios, my graphic and web design business), just for fun. I did a couple things that were awful and then I did something that I liked. I liked it a lot actually. There was quite a lot of like going on. After staring at it for several minutes straight, I pretty much loved it.

color palette | Dreamp Studios | blue, green, gold, navy |

I went back and forth, looking at the current design and the new one. Back and forth. Back and forth. Probably for five whole minutes I did that. Just to make sure I liked the changes. I did. So I’ve decided to make them live here shortly. Above is a sneak peak. The biggest change is the color scheme. Other changes will be very minimal.



    • Ashley says

      Thank you!! It was orange before and I found out that lots of people don’t like that color so I’m glad to hear that the new colors are better!

  1. says

    I had no idea other people loved color as much as me! And let me guess, as a graphic designer you’re obsessed with typography, too. I think people think I’m crazy. LOL ;) Stopping by via SITSblogging.

    • Ashley says

      Yep! I love color the most, but typography is great too. I’m currently obsessed with Jenna Sue as you can tell b looking at this blog and my website.

  2. says

    Hi Ashley!! So happy to have found your site! I am a color lover as well. I love the color palette you chose for your new website! I am on my way to click over to check out the actual site! Don’t you just love when you are in a funk and you create something beautiful from it!! Nice work!! xx #sitsblogging

    • Ashley says

      Many thanks Ayanna. It is great to create something beautiful from being in a funk, almost makes it worth feeling lousy. :)

  3. says

    I absolutely love the color Rain Kissed Sea! It looks so close to the color I actually just painted my office – a pop of color, but not in your face. I love the whole color palette though, might just have to use it as I decorate my office :) Thanks for the inspiration!

    Stopping by from The SITS Comment Love Challenge!


  4. says

    And I think I’ve just found the color palette for my dream bedroom… I love the shades of blue green with gold and navy. SO perfect. I’m color obsessed too, so I’m glad to find a kindred spirit. Every room in my house is saturated with color after too many years in unchangeable apartments. Loving your work.

    • Ashley says

      Hi Robin! Thanks for the comment. Those would both look gorgeous on a wall. Unfortunately, these are just colors I made up, they aren’t paint chips.

    • Ashley says

      Absolutely! Rain kissed sea is #b4dad6 and mermaid blue is #66a29c. Gold commitment is a gradient but the top part of the color is #e5b881. Genuine jeans is #0e1d31.

  5. ashley lane says

    Hi, I am currently looking at a similar palette for my living room. ( I have a seafoam living room set (the rain kissed sea color) and have always did with chocolate or a darker blue green. But I want to spice it up; make it a little more grown + sexier. So Im thinking my current couch and chairs (seafoam) with navy, fuschia (or amethyst), and silver. I just joined Pinterest and came across your site and I love your style of color and wanted to know what you thought and also to ask if the colors, specifically genuine blue jeans were actual colors that I could purchase, Thank you for you feed back.

    – Ashley

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