My Moto X Phone

My new phone had arrived!!! I went with a Moto X from Verizon. After all that deliberation about which color to get, I choose white. It’s all white – front and back. It has a black screen and yellow accents. The yellow is gorgeous! It’s got a bit of lime in there but it looks almost gold. It’s shiny and pretty and my favorite part about the phone.

color palette | Moto X Phone | turquoise, pink, green, yellow |

It came in a really cute box and even the paperwork is in a cute little turquoise pouch thing. The charger and cord are white, which is perfect! It’s only been a few hours but so far I’m really happy with it. I ordered some colorful cases (you didn’t think I was going colorless did you?) to put on my new phone. I’ll make a separate post about those when they get here.

Off to set it up and find a wallpaper!



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