Madie’s Nursery

Hipster fox. That’s the theme I choose for Madeline’s nursery. I also wanted it to be girly so I added pink and a pretty green and blue. I think it came together beautifully. It looks better in person than in my crappy photos but here is a peak.

color palette | green, blue, orange, pink |

I’m 31 weeks along now. I’m feeling pretty good health wise. Still a bit of morning sickness in the morning but my pill knocks that away. My energy level has increased since entering the third trimester. My tummy is getting bigger and I find such fun in watching her squirm around in there.

I’m starting to feel “over” being pregnant but at the same time I know I’m going to miss this phase when it’s over. I’m still in unbelief most of the time. I’m going to be a mother!! I hope I can do okay and that I like it. I already love our sweet baby, not worried about that.

I’m getting anxious about the labor, when it will happen and how. I hate surprises and things that can’t be planned. But then I remember that after labor I will get to hold my baby and my nerves turn into happiness. Whatever I end up going through will be worth it. A precious baby to love, protect, and teach.



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