Let’s be BBB’s

Last week I signed up for this thing called the “Comment Love Challenge” via The SITS girls and today I’ve received over a dozen comments so far. SO FUN!! Thanks to everyone who has left a comment and for future ones as well. I’m loving all this love. I’m going to reply to each comment and then leave you each a comment on you blog too.

color palette | let's be BBB's | blue, green, pink, yellow | colorfulcravings.com

I’m hopping to get some good blog friends from this. You know, the kind that read a post, leave a comment and then come back and do it again and again. I will do the same for you, if you want to be my friend. Or if you aren’t interested in being my friend (which I totally get, I’m a little weird) but like my blog design, please consider hiring me to makeover you blog.

Thank you for visiting!



  1. says

    STOP I have always wanted a BBB!! {though I’ve never used that term, sorry, I’m not disqualified am I??} I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does haha I’ve always thought I was weird for desperately, err.. Enthusiastically.. Pursuing blogger friends hahaha

    Anyways, let’s be friends? I’m in your little SITS comment love tribe! :)


    • Ashley says

      No worries, I just made the term up – it works right?! Glad you can relate to my desire for friendship. :)

      I’m totally in, let’s be friend!

  2. says

    I love the idea of best blogging buddies! It’s so nice to stay in contact with other bloggers and readers to see what they get up to in life. Your design for the blog is beautiful. Take care, Becki – Coping with the Big C – The Sits Love Comment Challenge

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