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color-palette[pink-gold-green-black]What would you think if I told you that tomorrow you were going to wake up and be responsible for two teenagers and two toddlers, all at the same time, all under the same roof? Nuts? Perhaps that would have been my response too, until I lived it. Combing Anthony’s children with mine has been one of the easiest tasks of my life!

From day one, it’s been a blast living with two teenagers and two toddlers. They took to each other immediately. Playing and laughing and tolerating each other like champs. Whenever Anthony and I need to get things done, the older two are always willing to babysit the younger two which allows the work to be done without any added stress. Because there is always a responsible person in the house, Anthony and I get to go on daily bike rides together and we’ve even had some date nights just the two of us.

Being newlyweds and parents at the same time is not easy (since we almost constantly want to be alone) but having the personalities and ages of children that we have has been a huge blessing. Our kids bring so much joy, laughter, fun, light and love into our lives. They have made combining our families into the same house sweeter than a birthday cake.

I tell you this not just to brag but as a segway. You ready? Here it is…

Speaking of combining, I’ve decided to combine this blog with my web/graphic design business one. I’ll be posting over there instead of here. Please join me if you have any desire to follow us along on this crazy journey we call life.


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