The dress

If you were on the internet last night you will know of the white and gold OR blue and black dress. My sister was the first one that introduced me to it and it drove me nuts. For her and my husband it was always white and gold. For my mom it was always blue and black. My cousin saw blue and gold. But for me the colors kept switching around.

color palette | gold or blue dress |

I know it doesn’t matter but being so into color as I am, I was quite perplexed by this image. How can different people see the same image differently? And how can one image change colors? Here is the answer. It’s not as exciting as I thought it would be.

So tell me, what color do you see the dress (the image in question is in the middle)?



  1. Andrea says

    By the way, I did finally see blue and it would keep switching back and forth, and now it’s been blue ever since. it

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