How do I get a job creating paint colors?

I get a lot of spam comments on this blog and thus I find myself ignoring the real ones as well. I’m so sorry!! I’ve finally replied to all the ones that seemed legit, sorry it took so long! One of the recurring questions I’ve been getting is, “where can I buy these colors?” The simple answer is nowhere. I make them all up. They aren’t paint colors. I didn’t get them from paint swatches.

However, if you see a color that you absolutely love, contact me and I can send you a sample to print and take to your paint store. They may be able to custom make you a color based on the printed sample.


Here is a palette a reader suggested, she’s thinking about using this scheme in her house. It’s not something I would have thought of but I think it’s fabulous!! What do you think? It might not be for everyone.


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