Goldfish, ginger ale, and popsicles – Week 12

I have a baby in my belly and it’s 12 weeks old. That’s three whole months. That’s 1/3 of my pregnancy over with already. Is it weird that I’m kinda sad? I’ll answer that for you: yes!! Who gets sad about morning sickness and constant tiredness? Only weirdos.

I found out on week 5 that I was expecting. Total joy. By week 6 the nausea had started. Week 7, the smell and sight of food made me reach for a bucket. By week 8 I realized that doing much of anything was going to be very challenging and it has been.

On average I’ve been throwing up 3 times a day. Most of that is when I wake up so it’s just stomach bile – not so bad. I take a nausea pill that usually makes me feel a bit better. Sleeping makes me feel better too. I love sleep! I’ve been getting an average of 16 restful hours a day.

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The only craving I’ve gotten so far, if you can even call it that, is for cheese. I’ve never been a big cheese fan but since being pregnant I want it all the time, on everything. If I could eat queso dip from tijuana flats every single day, I would; but since I can’t, I live off of goldfish. Goldfish, ginger ale and popsicles, especially coconut or pineapple ones.

Are you prego? Have you been? What did you eat? Was the second trimester better than the first?


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