Feeling Purple

I’m on week 20 with my pregnancy. That’s halfway. Yikes! Before we know it this baby will be born and in my arms instead of my tummy. So awesome! The body is amazing isn’t it?! I’m very grateful I get to experience it in all it’s miraculous glory, even if it means sickness and pain.

Speaking of sickness, I think the worst is finally behind me. Once I meet 19 weeks my nausea went way down and I stopped throwing up. I haven’t thrown up in over a week – it’s been so great! I’m finally able to get some things done. Like mopping our kitchen floor yesterday, I hadn’t done that since before I got pregnant. Next up is getting my hair fixed. It’s super gross right now. I’m going blonde again and thinking about a few subtitle pink or purple highlights.

color palette | blonde, purple | colorfulcravings.com

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Yes, no? Is purple to crazy for an overweight pregnant lady?

P.S. UPDATE – I didn’t do it. I went back to my natural brown color, lol.


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