Falling Snow = magic and love

Last night it snowed here in NC. I looked out the window and saw those flakes – magic!. I feel like time stops for snow to fall, like peace and love and contentment takes over. I feel like falling snow is God’s way of telling us that everything is okay. Of reminding us that things will work out, that this life is just a small moment we have to endure and that there are so many wonderful beyond comprehension things waiting for us if we can but endure it well.

Snow makes me feel good about life, about the world, about myself. It’s not really something I can explain. It makes me feel completely happy and I love it, with an extraordinary amount of love.

color palette | falling snow | blue, white, grey | colorfulcravings.com

Photographer: Rob Shenk

I got so excited looking out that window, like a little kid on Christmas morning excited!!! I woke up my husband and dragged him outside where we walked around the neighborhood a few times then knocked on our friend’s door to enjoy the marvel on their children’s faces as they exclaim, “It’s snowing!” over and over again.

Falling snow is one of my very, very favorite things to look at too. I think Lorelai Gilmore explained it well when she says, “Everything’s magical when its snows, everything looks pretty.” And also when she says this in another episode, “The whole world changes color.”




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