Dress Debate

Last Sunday I was in my closet. For the millionth time I spotted that dress that’s been there for two years, the one that I had never worn. The one that I wouldn’t have purchased had I been on my own when trying it on as it was really tight and short and didn’t have sleeves. But Hubs loved it so much I just had to get it.

For some reason, as I stared at it, I got brave and tried it on. The dress fit fine; if anything it was too big. It looked cute enough, I thought, so I decided I would wear it. But with what? I tried on all the shrugs I had – some white ones and a black one. Out of my limited choices the black one looked the best so I kept it on, added a belt above the waist, some black tights and heels and I was ready to go.

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Self Photography

I thought I did a great job but when I went down stairs my Husband didn’t say a thing. I finally asked him and he said, “It doesn’t really go together.” Sigh. But oh well, no time to change. At church I got 3 complements on my outfit. So either Hubs was wrong or people are just really nice to me.

I know the picture is bad as it doesn’t show much of the outfit but it should give you some idea. What do you think? Does it go together?



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