Ditch the doubt


It’s been awhile since I last posted. That could mean that things are so bad I couldn’t possibly share them with you in fear of making you sympathetically suicidal. Or it could mean that things are so good I’m way too busy being awesome to sit down and write. Or it could mean that my life and thoughts have remained exactly the same and I have absolutely zero new words to share. So basically… my absence tells you nothing. It does however lead up to something.

Assumptions. Plans. Expectations. Speculations. All fine in moderation, taken with a grain of salt. But when these things are the cause of worry. When they things make you fret. Make you sweat. Make you crazy. Ditch them.

God is in control. He has plans for each of us and his plans are better than our plans. It might not seem like it when you are burning in the fire but that doesn’t make it untrue. I’ve been made aware of one such plan and for months I’ve been driving myself batty with giddy high highs followed by doubtful low lows. Most of the time I can’t see how this plan can possibly be put into action. But that is the doubt talking. That is the worry, the fret, the sweat. I need some salt.

You see, the problem with God’s plan is that it is His. It requires…


We must wait. Be patient. Be still. Breathe in, breathe out. Relax. Have faith. Let go and let God. Live in the moment. All those things you read in personal development books, hear in motivational videos and see on Pinterest and Instagram graphics.

Words like the above help me. They teach/remind me of what is really true and important, what I really want and how I really want to feel. When I am having a dark moment I am quickly lightened by reading uplifting positive messages. My thoughts are dangerous, they need controlled. A simple scroll through instagram can turn my whole day around. The graphics with parts of General Conference talks on them are my favorite.

Music is a big thing I do too. I’m obsessed with Spotify. Come to my house as a fly and you’ll hear how obsessed I am. When it’s just me and the kids in my house you can be sure that Spotify is playing 80% of the day. I carefully select only songs that uplift and speak to me, songs that have melodies that I enjoy and lyrics that I agree with.

The words that help me the most though are the ones that come to me from the Holy Spirit. Every night as I exercise (getting my heart rate up and working better somehow makes my mind work better too) I listen to the Word of God. I belong to the LDS church and we have what we call the Gospel Library. It holds all of our scriptures in text and audio so when I push start on my elliptical machine I also push play on that app on my phone (check it out!). Easy and effective. Even if the words themselves don’t speak to me the Spirit does and without it I would be lost.

My point? Find what helps you and ditch the doubt. Then do it all over again when the doubt inevitably creeps back in. As the shampoo bottle says, rinse and repeat. Remember God is ultimately the one in charge. We have no need to worry, fret, or sweat (unless exercise helps you too, then sweat away). When those thoughts come – ditch them. Just ditch them. And then hang on and trust in the Lord with all your heart.

He will pull through.


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