So this is what green looks like


When my husband died my whole world changed. I was sad for me and my kids but I was happy for him. I was sad and happy both at the same time. I'd never experienced that before in such velocity. I felt like I'd entered another universe. I couldn't figure out what was going on with me. My mind was … [Read more...]

He screamed at me quietly


Last I posted, it was about the field. I wrote about the night I spend laying on my back in that memory-filled, grassy, high school soccer field. I wrote about the night when I needed help to rise and go back home. At the time I thought that was intense. Looking back now, it makes me laugh. I didn't … [Read more...]

I just want to stay up


My emotions and mind go a thousand miles an hour. There is always something to think about. My to-do list is slowly getting smaller but there is still always something to be done. I have a newborn and a toddler. There is always a baby to care for. All these things exhaust me. But sometimes... I … [Read more...]

Happy one month birthday buddy!


Jonah turned one month old yesterday!! This calm, strong, determined little boy entered this world with drama surrounding him and tragedy to soon follow. Since the day he was born he was perfect. Perfect as a person and perfect for us. It's amazing how God's plan plays out. God knew he had to take … [Read more...]

Six moths old today


Madeline, my dear sweet baby girl. If only my heart could form words instead of my mind, this would come out more accurately and articulate. That is, if the words my heart could speak weren't above all those in existence, which they probably are. You, my miracle, fill the world with such light and … [Read more...]

Top six of six


It's been six weeks since Madeline joined us! My, how the time has flown by. Every single day has been magical but a few moments have shone a little brighter than others. Here are six of them in chronological order. 1. Seeing her for the first time Just minutes after she was born the nurse … [Read more...]

I’m back and I brought a baby

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This spring, Hubs and I drove from NC to AZ and then back again. My family lives in AZ. Hubs hasn't been there since he proposed over 7 years ago and I wanted him to know my family, to spend time with them and to meet them all. So when he got a new job that allowed him to work remotely, we planed a … [Read more...]