Are dragons eternal too?


Daniel, my eternal, I love you an immeasurable amount. It's been three months to the day since we last touched. There are still moments when I crave you deeply. I feel like a dragon coveting gold with this dark and fierce desire. Your forehead, your arms, your hands, your lips, every single part of … [Read more...]

A forest made me excited for AZ


Because my husband is no longer here to pay our rather high mortgage bill and give me and the kids the emotional support we need, I've decided to move back home. Back to Arizona, the state I was born and raised in. The state in which most of my family still resides. I found a house right around … [Read more...]

An ocean filled with roses


Sometimes my emotions are so raw they feel like glass. I feel frozen. I feel like if I move I will surly get cut. If I look back and cry a shard will slice through my arm and cut off my hand. If I look forward and put on a smile a shard will slice through my leg and cut off my foot. But … [Read more...]

Another birth story


Baby Jonah has arrived!! Here is how that day went: "Daniel wakes up from a late nap cause he's been sick and without much thought I give him the heads up that I may be in early labor. He helps me pack the last of my things and takes my suitcase downstairs while I start to enjoy a bath. He comes … [Read more...]

I got my hair did y’all


Less than a month till baby comes!! I've done several things this week to get prepared like seeing my obgyn, getting my teeth cleaned and thinking about packing my hospital bag, but my favorite thing was what I did with my hair. I colored it RED and chopped it off. It was three different colors. … [Read more...]

Six moths old today


Madeline, my dear sweet baby girl. If only my heart could form words instead of my mind, this would come out more accurately and articulate. That is, if the words my heart could speak weren't above all those in existence, which they probably are. You, my miracle, fill the world with such light and … [Read more...]

Sea/travel inspired


The master bedroom in our house has had an identity crisis. I went through three different designs, painted the walls four different times. Finally we have a winner and I am quite pleased. I do believe it will stay as it for all of time now. I really love how it turned out. It feels right. And most … [Read more...]

Baby Shower – Nutcracker ballet


The day that I announced my pregnancy on Facebook, I got a private message. It was from a church friend asking if she could be the one to throw me a baby shower. WHAT?!! I was so shocked but incredibly pleased. Being infertile for 7 years, there were many, many times when I thought a baby shower was … [Read more...]

Yahtzee and Dinner


Our sweet Madie is growing, growing. I'm on week 25 now. I love feeling her move and imaging what she will look like. I'm still sick in the morning, but it usually goes away. I even have some energy from time to time. I still watch way too much TV and I have tons of laundry waiting to be washed. … [Read more...]

Colorful Popcorn


I was at a store a few days ago and saw the most marvelous snack. Colorful popcorn!! I love popcorn and you all know how much I love color. This snack was perfect!! I love looking at it so much. I haven't tried it yet and I'm not sure I will. It can't taste as good as it looks - can it? Do you … [Read more...]