Baby Girl Nursery Take Two


Now that my daughter is here (she is 8 weeks old - that's so crazy!) and her personality is starting to shine through, I made some updates to her nursery to better reflect her. It also give me something pretty to look at those many house I spend in there nursing her. The artwork was the final … [Read more...]

Top six of six


It's been six weeks since Madeline joined us! My, how the time has flown by. Every single day has been magical but a few moments have shone a little brighter than others. Here are six of them in chronological order. 1. Seeing her for the first time Just minutes after she was born the nurse … [Read more...]

Birth + the first 2 weeks with baby


WARNING: Skip this post if you are a guy, or squeamish or just not interested in the reality of birth, babies or super long posts. I've recently learned a few things from giving birth to my first baby and surviving the first few weeks. I thought I would share, just in case there are any first … [Read more...]

She’s arrived!


A few days after Christmas our sweet girl decided to enter the world, 10 days before her due date. My first contractions started at 4am on Friday. By 8pm they were consistently 6 seconds apart but weak. By 1am the next morning they were not weak, at all, and were only 2 minutes apart. Hubs took … [Read more...]

Baby Shower – Nutcracker ballet


The day that I announced my pregnancy on Facebook, I got a private message. It was from a church friend asking if she could be the one to throw me a baby shower. WHAT?!! I was so shocked but incredibly pleased. Being infertile for 7 years, there were many, many times when I thought a baby shower was … [Read more...]

Madie’s Nursery


Hipster fox. That's the theme I choose for Madeline's nursery. I also wanted it to be girly so I added pink and a pretty green and blue. I think it came together beautifully. It looks better in person than in my crappy photos but here is a peak. I'm 31 weeks along now. I'm feeling pretty … [Read more...]

Buying Baby Girl Clothes

color palette | green, pink, purple |

Hubs and I got married 7 1/2 years ago. We knew we wanted kids; I wanted 6 kids and he wanted 4. We wanted some of each gender. We shopped in advance, mostly for girl clothes cause they are the cutest. Turns out we shopped WAY in advance. A couple years ago I thought all those baby girl clothes … [Read more...]

Hi, I’m Madeline!

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We found out the gender of our baby last week. We are having a GIRL!!!!!! It's what Hubs and I both wanted. We've had a name picked out since we first got married. We've talked about our little Madie so much, we feel in love with her before she was even conceived. To think that I'll be holding her … [Read more...]

My Lush Haul

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I miss shopping! Since getting pregnant I've yet felt good enough/had enough energy to do much shopping. I drag myself to the grocery store on my best days but even target escapes my reach. In my very lame and boring life, shopping was what I did for fun. One day I shared this with Hubs and he … [Read more...]

Colorful Popcorn


I was at a store a few days ago and saw the most marvelous snack. Colorful popcorn!! I love popcorn and you all know how much I love color. This snack was perfect!! I love looking at it so much. I haven't tried it yet and I'm not sure I will. It can't taste as good as it looks - can it? Do you … [Read more...]