At the beach with him


My birthday was on Saturday. It was the first birthday I've had to spend without my husband in the last eleven years. My birthday was always a big deal to him. He needed to ensure it was extra special for me and it always was. We did shopping sprees and amusement parks - but my favorite, and what we … [Read more...]

ColorSnap Studio


The new ColorSnap Studio from Sherwin-Williams, makes me want to paint something. Or at least go to the store and drool over all these pretty colors, in larger sizes!! You should join me, January 2016. … [Read more...]

Postpartum roller-coaster

color palette | blue | fat pregnant belly |

How do I feel? What a loaded question. A question that I've been asked a million times since giving birth. I understand why people ask it; they care. They want to help, if there is a problem, if they can. They are in my presence and it's a good/common/acceptable conversation starter. It's a … [Read more...]

Baby Girl Nursery Take Two


Now that my daughter is here (she is 8 weeks old - that's so crazy!) and her personality is starting to shine through, I made some updates to her nursery to better reflect her. It also give me something pretty to look at those many house I spend in there nursing her. The artwork was the final … [Read more...]

Madie’s Nursery


Hipster fox. That's the theme I choose for Madeline's nursery. I also wanted it to be girly so I added pink and a pretty green and blue. I think it came together beautifully. It looks better in person than in my crappy photos but here is a peak. I'm 31 weeks along now. I'm feeling pretty … [Read more...]

Colorful Popcorn


I was at a store a few days ago and saw the most marvelous snack. Colorful popcorn!! I love popcorn and you all know how much I love color. This snack was perfect!! I love looking at it so much. I haven't tried it yet and I'm not sure I will. It can't taste as good as it looks - can it? Do you … [Read more...]

Southwestern Ground Beef

color palette | southwestern beef | yellow, brown, orange, red |

I'm not a very good cook or recipe follower, but I do like preparing meals for my husband so we don't have to go out all the time. My favorite meals are the quick and easy ones. I made this beef concoction up last month and have been making it almost every week since. Hubs isn't too good at eating … [Read more...]

Chicago Theater


I might be going to Chicago in a couple of weeks. I've never been there and don't know much about it. Anyone live there? Been there? What is there to do there? From the pictures I've seen, it looks like a really pretty place. Fun and lively too. I'll have to make a camera and capture colorful … [Read more...]

Do You Wanna Build A snowman?


Thanks to all the pretty snow outside, and Disney's Frozen, I really want to build a snowman. But alas, our snow is too powdery and dosn't stick together. I'll have to make due with looking at pictures like the one featured above. Isn't he so cute?! … [Read more...]